Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Professor Emeritus CSU, Sacramento,
Consultant, Computers for Education & Command Performance


Electronic Village Online Sessions in 2007

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Stats and Figures:

  • Number of sessions: 13
  • Total participants: 1881
  • Average group size: 145
  • Total number of moderators: 39
  • Total number of co-moderators: 9
  • Total number of guest speakers: 38
  • Participating ISs (other than CALL): ESP, SPL, EFL, VDMIS, Teacher Ed
  • Caucuses: NNEST
  • E-Groups: Drama

EVO Moderators Training Session
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A few points of interest:

EVO Coordinating Team/Mentors: Aiden Yeh, Chris Jones, Dafne González, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Nicolas Gromik, Buthaina al Othman, Paula Emmert, Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Susan Marandi, and Vance Stevens.

For more information about EVO and this CALL-IS project see:
How EVO Differs and the TESL-EJ article, Hanson-Smith & Bauer-Ramazani (2004)