Teaching with PowerPoint

The EVO session, Teaching with PowerPoint was moderated by Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Roger Drury, Paula Emmert, Kent Matsueda, Jessica Noyes, and Sandy Wagner. The goal was to show how PPT can be used by teachers and students. Teachers learned how to use it effectively for their own teaching, e.g. to support a lesson, as well as how to use it as a tool for collaborative student projects. The workshop combined technical training and expertise with pedagogical insights and focus on practical applications in the classroom.

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Some Sample PowerPoints from the Teaching with PowerPoint EVO Session

Comparatives From: Rachid "romeo lima gem" http://www.kanazawee.com/EVO/Participant_Week6/My_last_ppt_comparative.ppt
Subject and Object Pronouns From: "Kelly Farragher-Paras" http://www.kanazawee.com/EVO/Participant_Week6/week6_kfparas.zip
Visual Aids The latest from Marjoy Hord! http://www.kanazawee.com/EVO/Participant_Week6/VISUALAIDS.ppt

Creating WebQuests- EVO 2006

During the EVO 2006 season, Paula Emmert moderated the Creating WebQuests EVO session. The focus was to:
-Determine which topics lend themselves to building a WebQuest and which are more prone to just gathering information.
-How to build a WebQuest that included the crucial element of critical thinking.
-Share thoughts and experience on how to integrate these tools into ESL/EFL curriculum.