You can hear the webcast of this presentation with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player (WMP).

To interactive with the speakers live, you must use Skype or a phone (a number will be provided during the text chat.)

Skype is a VoIP service that you may use for free.

Before joining the webcast at Worldbridges, download and install Skype on your computer. You will find that a microphone gives better sound quality than your built-in (especially for Macs).

The Skype number to call for live interaction during the conference is linked from WiA at Worldbridges

You may also join the conference online via phone or simply join the text chat at WiA.

Be sure to TURN OFF your computer sound before joining the webcast.

If you have problems listening or speaking during the webcast, check out the Listening Guide, and/or write a question in the text chat.