Presenters at TESOL Seattle Convention Center

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Professor Emeritus CSU, Sacramento, Consultant, Computers for Education & Command Performance

E_stream.jpgDr. Hanson-Smith is professor emeritus at California State University, Sacramento, where she directed the graduate TESOL Program and the ALCP. She was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive, and pedagogical consultant for Live Action English and Live Action Spanish Interactive (see Booth 811!). She distributes her Web-based tutorials, Constructing the Paragraph, free online. Author of many articles on CALL pedagogy, she has edited and contributed to Technology-enhanced Learning Environments (TESOL 2000) and (with Sarah Rilling) to Teaching Languages through Technology (TESOL 2007). She is currently consulting on educational technology and teaching online courses, including co-moderation of Real English Online, a group supporting teachers using video, and Academic Writing for online composition teachers. She is past director and currently part of the Coordination Team presenting the CALL IS Electronic Village Online in Jan-Feb each year. With co-editor Joy Egbert, she is finishing up a second edition of the classic, CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues, coming out later this spring.
Home page: Computers for Education: Resources for Language Teachers Technology blog: Virtual=Real
Introduction to the CALL Colloquium: Facts and Figures

Dafne González

tn_daf.JPGDr. Dafne González has been an EFL/ESP teacher for more than 30 years. She graduated in Language Teaching, has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistcs, and a Ph.D in Education. She is a Full professor at Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela where she coordinates the Graduate Studies in Education Programs and is the Head of the Specialization in Informatics and Education. Besides teaching technology-related courses at the graduate level, she also teaches English for Architecture and Urban Planning courses. A webhead since 2002, she is currently the coordinator of the TESOL Electronic Village Online and co-moderator, with Teresa Almeida d´Eça of the Becoming a Webhead (BaW) online Workshop. She has published in different national and international journals and regulary presents at national and international conferences. A member of VenTESOL and TESOL for more than 16 years.

Teresa Almeida d'Eça

external image tn100_teresa-feb04.jpgTeresa Almeida d'Eça has been an EFL teacher for over 30 years and has taught at most levels. She has a Master's in American Studies from the Open University of Lisbon, Portugal. She lives and teaches in the suburbs of Lisbon. For the past four years she's been teaching middle school, 5th and 6th grades (1st & 2nd year EFLers). She loves teaching and finds it an even more challenging task since the arrival of ICTs. She also loves computers, the Internet and interacting with friends and colleagues worldwide. She carried out three email cultural exchanges and started blogging with her students in Nov. 2003. Her two current teacher-student blogs are Have Fun with English! 2 and CALL Lessons 2005-2007.
She did her first online course, Integrating the Internet in the Classroom, with Michael Krauss in October 2001. In January 2002, she joined the Webheads in Action for an online teacher development workshop, and since then she's been actively involved in the cyberworld of education. She has co-moderated the Becoming a Webhead online teacher development workshop with Dafne Gonzalez since 2004 and has also co-taught, with Dafne, PP 104: Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online, a credited online course that is part of TESOL's "Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program".
She has two books published, NetAprendizagem:A Internet na Educação (1998) and O Email na Sala de Aula (2002), both pioneer works in her country.
She presents regularly at conferences at home and abroad. She is a member of APPI (Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês), the Webheads in Action, and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). She's currently ending ending her second term as Past Chair of the TESOL Technology Advisory Committee (TAC).
If you'd like to know more about her and her work, please visit her Web site.

Vance Stevens

Webhead Coordinator, Computing Lecturer at Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

050321vance_wbcm122x122.jpgVance Stevens has lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the last ten years, where he teaches computing applications and Web page design to engineering students. He taught ESL/EFL for 20 years, often doubling part or full-time as CALL Coordinator and software designer. Vance has helped with moderator training and coordination of the EVO sessions for the past few years, The Webheads in Action movement started with an EVO session in 2002 and developed into, Since then, Vance has conducted or co-presented EVO sessions each year on communities of practice, online Webpresence, and most recently assisted Jeff Lebow with coordination of the EVO rendition of the Webcast Academy (a role carried out by modeling effective learner behaviors). Vance also teaches an annually-given course on multiliteracies in TESOL's Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program, and he frequenly presents at international and local TESOL conferences. Vance's presentations and other publications are detailed at Vance posts bio details at and blogs at He also coordinates the Webheads in Action Online Convergence

Paula Emmert

paulapic9.jpgPaula Emmert has taught ESL/EFL for 17 years throughout the United States and overseas. She is currently an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia as well as at George Mason University where she teaches Applied Linguistics online for the Graduate School of Education's FAST TRAIN program. She is currently a member of the CALL-IS Steering Committee and is the lead coordinator for the Electronic Village Fairs in the Electronic Village in Seattle. She moderated the Creating WebQuests EVO session in 2006 and co-moderated Teaching with PowerPoint in 2007 along with Chrisitine Bauer-Ramazani, Sandy Wagner, Roger Drury, Jessica Noyes and Kent Masueda. Paula is also a member of the EVO Coordination team. She has been published in Essential Teacher and has presented at numerous state and international TESOL conferences on WebQuests. Paula's websiteis dedicated to WebQuests and their integration in ESL/EFL curriculum.

Barbara (Bee) Dieu

beeevo.jpgBarbara Dieu teaches EFL and coordinates the foreign language dept at the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. She is also Braz-Tesol EduTech SIG Coordinator and has been involved in international projects online since 1997, networking, presenting, producing material and collaborating in several national and international communities of interest and practice (Webheads in Action, Vivencia Pedagogica, TALO, SCOPE and Cyberlangues).
She co-moderated the EVO 2005 Weblogging session with Aaron Campbell (Japan) and Graham Stanley (Spain), and the 2007 EVO Open and Participatory Webpublishing with Patricia Glogowski (Canada), Graham Stanley (Spain), Nick Noakes (China) and Scott Lockman (Japan). She published in Tesol Essential Teacher and online. and presently leads the Blogstreams Salon, a monthly gathering at Tappedin for educators interested in webpublishing and co-runs with Aaron Campbell (Japan) and Rudolf Ammann (England), a project which advocates open approaches and participatory uses of Web applications in EFL/ESL teaching.
Wide Open Spaces (personal blog) and Bee-blogging from the Tropics (class blog)

Jane Petring

Jane_in_EV_Tampa.jpgJane Petring has taught ESL/EFL and been a member of TESOL for over 25 years. She has a B.A. in Linguistics and an M.A. in TESOL from Michigan State University, a diploma in Translation from McGill University and a diploma in Fine Arts from Bishop’s University. She teaches at Collège Édouard-Montpetit in Longueuil, Quebec and is co-ordinator of the Language Department at the satellite campus École Nationale d’Aérotechnique in St. Hubert. She is the co-author of Prospect: English Skills for Academic and Professional Purposes, a college-level textbook currently used throughout Quebec. She has participated in EVO courses since 2004 and co-moderated the 2006 Collaborative Blogging in ESL/EFL with Susan Nyrop (Denmark) and Anna Koorey (Australia). She has presented at TESOL, SPEAQ (Société pour la promotion de l’enseignement de l’anglais, langue seconde, au Québec) and RASCALS (Regroupement au service des cegeps – anglais langue seconde). An avid cyclist and environmentalist, she is currently designing an innovative course called Bikes and Blogs which will allow students to receive full credit for their English and Physical Education courses immersed in English while cycling through northern Vermont and New York, using blogs, vlogs and podcasts to record the experience. She has combined the use of blogs with TV Journals, reflections on current events, and a pilot Bikes and Blogs component in her classes. As one EVO participant said "Learning English should be a by-product of doing interesting things."

Buthaina Al Othman

buthaina_tesol2004.jpg Buthaina Al Othman has been an EFL and ESP instructor at the Language Center of Kuwait University, since 2001. Due to her belief and interest in the integration of technology in the teaching and learning processes, she has been using blended teaching and learning approaches for her English for Science classes, EFL Remedial classes, and recently for her Engineering students, and English for Bankers programs. Before that Buthaina used to be a journalist at Kuwait News Agency, (KUNA). She has a BA in English Literature from Kuwait University, obtained in 1982 and a Masters of Science (MS) in TESOL from the University at Albany, (SUNY) since 2000. She is a Webhead in action, since the community of practice online (WiA) was founded by Vance Stevens in 2001-02 and a current member of the TESOL Electronic Village Online Coordination Team. Buthaina is a recent nominated member of the TESOL Technology Advisory Committee, (TAC). If you are interested in learning more about her, please visit her EFL Home in Kuwait Website.

Jeff Lebow

external image jeff4.gifJeff Lebow's educational career has included teaching 3rd grade in New Mexico, ESL in Thailand & Korea, and Computer Assisted Language Learning in New Hampshire. He founded Worldbridges in 1998 and has been experimenting with live, interactive webcasting and collaborative community building ever since. Worldbridges met the Webheads during EdTechTalk#1 in 2005, and the EVO2007 Webcast Academy session was only the latest in a series of webcasting adventures that have resulted.